Friday, 30 November 2018

WE are well into Q4, which means some of the best music of the year has arrived. We are also nearing the announcement of this year’s Christmas Number 1. This month’s top five features four female artists – win! Here we go:

5. Party For One – CARLY RAE JEPSEN
Writers: Anton Rundberg, Carly Rae Jepsen, Julia Karlsson, Tavish Crowe
Production: Captain Cuts, Hightower

Carly Rae Jepsen is one of those artists who go under the radar for months at a time and then pops out with an absolute banger – such as this one. It’s a fun one to read between the lines and a great one to blast during a girly night in – or out!

Writers: Sara Bareilles
Production: T Bone Burnett

Sara Bareilles has recently announced a new album for 2019, and this release is already one of my favourite songs by her. This is a power anthem for all women, calling on how important it is to support each other. She keeps to her signature style, whilst offering a new twist. Favourite lyric: “You don't scare me,/I am of the earth/So tired of your empire/Blind men only set the world on fire.”

Writers: Jacob Collier
Production: Jacob Collier

I first discovered Jacob Collier on YouTube ages ago. He always impressed me with his incredible talent and he definitely shows this in With The Love In My Heart.  The fusion of different genres and experimentation work really well. One definitely has to be talented to pull it off flawlessly. 

2. The Cure – LITTLE MIX
Writers: Ben Kohn, Camille Purcell, Pete Kelleher, Tom Barnes
Production: TMS

Little Mix’s new album ‘LM5’ is their best work yet. One of my favourite songs off their album is The Cure, particularly the acoustic version that is available on the Deluxe version of the LP.  It’s honest and as always their harmonies are on point. I know they’re incredibly popular, but Little Mix are still underrated in my eyes.

1. thank u, next – ARIANA GRANDE
Writers: Ariana Grande, Charles Anderson, Kimberly Krysiuk, Michael Foster, Njomza Vitia, Tayla Parx, Tommy Brown, Victoria McCants
Production: Tommy Brown, Michael Foster, Charles Anderson

Possibly one of the best songs of the year. A song about some of Ariana’s exes, thank u, next is so catchy you’re probably going to be saying the word ‘next’ after every ‘thank you’ that leaves your mouth. I know I will. I also love how in the second verse she focuses on how she taught herself strength. What a year for Ariana!

As always, here are 4 other songs you should definitely check out:

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Until next month!
N.B. Unless you're viewing the link in November 2018, the songs will have by now changed from the ones mentioned in this post. However, the Top 5 featured above will be compiled in one playlist, marking my favourite songs of 2018.

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