Sunday, 30 September 2018

CAN you believe it's already time for the September update?! September was another interesting month for music, with new releases and comebacks from various artists. All 13 songs can be found at the end of the post - but here are my top 5:

5. Right Now - NICK JONAS (Island Records)
Writers: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Junkx, Lindsey Stirling, Nick Jonas, Peter Hanna, Robin Shulz, Skylar Grey, Steve Mac, Taylor Bird
Production: Steve Mac, Robin Shulz, Junkx

Ever since going solo, Nick Jonas has been going from strength to strength. Here he is with his latest single, a collaboration with German producer Robin Schulz. The song has a strong melodic and catchy chorus and supported by an impressive quality of production. However, for some reason, the finished chorus makes me think it would make a good Eurovision entry. Is it just me?

4. Glow - GAVIN JAMES (GS AllPoints)
Writers: Gavin Wigglesworth, Ollie Green
Production: Ollie Green

I've had the opportunity to discover Gavin a couple of years ago at the brink of his career. His debut album is impressive, and he does not disappoint during a live performance. His new single, Glow, shows his growth as a musician. Its production is better than ever and makes for an extremely radio-friendly single. It's definitely his 'poppiest' track, and it's making me excited for his new album, out 26th October! 

3. Human - dodie, TOM WALKER 
Writers: Dorothy Miranda Clark
Production: Joe Rubel

Dare I say that dodie is one of the most poetic lyricists of our generation? Yep, there, I said (or wrote) it! In this beautiful song, she's joined by Tom Walker (Leave The Light On). It's a simple song, with the song being sung through by the two of them most of the time. Their voices suit each other perfectly. Best of all, it is supported by a beautiful, thought-provoking music video. Here it is: 

2. Grace - LEWIS CAPALDI (Virgin)
Writers: Edd Holloway, Lewis Capaldi, Nick Atkinson
Production: Nick Atkinson, Edd Holloway

This song is probably one of Capaldi's best. His vocal tone can stand alone, but the music and production of this song give it the extra edge it needs. So far, the Scottish singer has been delivering good song after good song, and the thought of future records only makes it interesting and exciting! This song is emotional - and so is its music video:

Writers: Lauren Aquilina, Jonny Hockings

Probably the comeback of the year, Lauren Aquilina's Psycho is fun and pop gold. It's one of those songs that you know is worthy to be Top 10 in the charts and you're waiting for its time to shine. This is Lauren's first song after a two-year hiatus where she found her feet as a songwriter. She's written for a lot of artists and now she's back with her own hit. In an interview with Popjustice, Lauren says that even though she started writing the song based on her own experience (hero), it was going to be pitched to other artists - such as Little Mix. However, since it's so personal, no one could do it justice like Lauren does. She's now gearing up for a mini-tour early next year, after her initial dates this winter sold out. Best of all - an EP is teased to be on its way, too!

As always, check out some of the songs that did not make the cut:
Superhero - LAUV
One Shot - MABEL
Get you Back - ZACH SAID

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Until next month!
Maria x

N.B. Unless you're viewing the link in September 2018, the songs will have by now changed from the ones mentioned in this post. However, the Top 5 featured above will be compiled in one playlist, marking my favourite songs of 2018.
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