Tuesday, 4 September 2018

RIGHT, how is it even August already? Summer is always an interesting one for new music as many artists are touring festivals around the world. Thankfully, some artists found time to release some fantastic music (cc: Ariana Grande and her new album, Sweetener). The playlist can be found here, below are my Top 5 for August!

The rock band seem to be taking a more electronic pop vibe with the impending new album. They've even incorporated a choreography for their 3AM music video. However, I O U is guitar led, which is familiar to many of their fans. Safe to say that they are not straying too far from their 'usual' sound. 

4. Missing You - ROBYN
After 8 years, the Swedish pop icon is back with an incredible song. As usual, it has catchy melodies, backing vocals and a classic pop beat. It's so good to have her back releasing music!

3. Like I Did - LEADLEY

Like many of my discoveries, I found this song on one of the playlists I follow. I personally find the melody catchy and interesting. It offers a nice balance of electro and pop. Leadley only has one other song available on her Spotify, but she is backed up by her YouTube fame. Very promising indeed.

2. Why Her Not Me - GRACE CARTER

I had the pleasure of watching Grace perform live when she supported HAIM and I was not disappointed. Her vocals are beautiful and smooth. The title alone of this song already gets full marks from me. The lyrics are honest and the melody climaxes nicely in the choruses. It's incredibly relatable and safe to say has been on repeat since its release. Check Grace out if you haven't already:

1. Loyal To Me - NINA NESBITT

This month's number one goes to the one and the only Nina Nesbitt and her new anthem, Loyal To Me. It's relatable to many females out there (maybe even males), dealing with all the symptoms of a dangerous relationship. It's incredibly honest and its melody and music echo Destiny's Child or En Vogue vibes. Basically, girl power.

As always, check out some of the songs that did not make the cut:
Run Run - RAY BLK
TooTimeTooTimeTooTime - THE 1975
Ganja Burn - NICKI MINAJ

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Until next month!

Maria x

N.B. Unless you're viewing the link in August 2018, the songs will have by now changed from the ones mentioned in this post. However, the Top 5 featured above will be compiled in one playlist, marking my favourite songs of 2018.

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