Sunday, 29 July 2018

JULY was a tricky one as I probably (shamefully) spent more time watching tv than listening to music. However, I still managed to enjoy some fantastic new songs, and here are my top five:

5. Love It If We Made It - THE 1975
The 1975 are one of my top favourite bands and this song is the second release off their upcoming, new era. So far, this is my favourite of the two (the other being Give Yourself A Try). It's making me incredibly excited for even more new music from them!

4. Mother - INA WROLDSEN
This is one of those songs that immediately grabbed my attention and quickly became one I played on repeat. The Norwegian talent started her career writing for the linkes of The Saturdays, Pussycat Dolls, Pixie Lott and even Britney Spears, before finding success as an artist. The melody is refreshing and her whole discography is worth a listen.

3. Stay Awake With Me - DAN OWEN
I discovered Dan Owen around a year ago and still to this day I am not bored of his husky vocal tone.  This beautiful ballad shows off his talent as both a singer and songwriter. I cannot wait for the big things that await him!

2. God Is A Woman - ARIANA GRANDE
There are not enough words that can explain how much I love this song. It even gets better with every listen. What gets me the most is the lyrics. It's brilliant. Ariana has been working with a fantastic team in recent years (such as Max Martin and Savan Kotecha). Favourite lyric: "boy if you confess you might get blessed". Needless to say, bring on the album!

1. I Might - TOM GRENNAN
I will not be surprised if at the end of the year, Spotify accounts this as my most played song of the year. Ever since his debut album was released earlier this month, I Might remained the one that stood out. Probably the reason behind that is that it's the first song I've heard in ages where I can truly related to it from beginning to end. Check out this live session:

As always, check out some of the songs that did not make the cut:
Up In Flames - YEARS & YEARS
Summertime Magic - CHILDISH GAMBINO

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Until next month!

Maria x

N.B. Unless you're viewing the link in July 2018, the songs will have by now changed from the ones mentioned in this post. However, the Top 5 featured above will be compiled in one playlist, marking my favourite songs of 2018.

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