Saturday, 30 June 2018

FOR some reason even though I only had 14 songs in the monthly playlist, it proved extremely hard to narrow down to five. I've probably said this in every single 2018 post but we have been given some fantastic pop tunes so far. So here are my favourite ones from June!

I'd never heard of Emma Jensen before Spotify putting this song on one of my Discover Weekly playlists. It stood out to me and I am particularly a fan of the chorus. The Oslo native does a lot of her own writing. Her tone is different and goes hand in hand with the electropop sound.

4. Sad and Bored - BÜLOW, DUCKWRTH

Bülow has been making waves in the pop world and her latest single is new pop gold.m She's definitely one to watch in 2018.

3. If You Wanna Love Somebody - TOM ODELL
I am incredibly happy that Tom Odell is back with new music. AND he's going to tour his upcoming album, Jubilee Road. If You Wanna Love Somebody follows in suit with the sound we have all got to know. However, it has some more soul and almost a more positive sound.

2. Give Yourself A Try - THE 1975
After weeks of unclear social media messages from the band hinting the theme behind the upcoming album, The 1975 finally released the leading single off Music For Cars. The song reminisces the sound from the Music For Cars EP, but welcomes them into their new era with heavier production. 

1. Singles You Out - JORDAN DAVIES
Anyone who knos me can tell you that I am a big fan of country music. I often listen to Spotify's best country playlists (especially when I'm writing) and this song is one that I found myself replaying. It's the perfect combination of a typical country song and modern pop music.

As always, check out some of the songs that did not make the cut:
Oceanography - CHARLIE BARNES
Time To Spare - MARIETTE
Gucci On My Body - BABY ARIEL

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Until next month!

Maria x

N.B. Unless you're viewing the link in June 2018, the songs will have by now changed from the ones mentioned in this post. However, the Top 5 featured above will be compiled in one playlist, marking my favourite songs of 2018.

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