Monday, 2 October 2017

SEPTEMBER has been a much more settled month. I moved into a new place and I travelled home. I also managed to discover some brilliant artists along with re-discovering others, like Scouting For Girls. You can check out the full playlist on Spotify, but here are my Top 5

5. Drown The Lovers - RITUAL, 6LACK

You can listen to the version with 6LACK here.

4. Too Good At Goodbyes - SAM SMITH

As always, Smith delivers a beautiful ballad. This time he has more gospel inspiration in the background vocals... will this be a consistent theme for the new album?

3. Dancing In The Daylight - SCOUTING FOR GIRLS

I used to listen to this band quite a lot when I was younger, and I am so happy to experience new music from them! And I am even happier knowing that they have kept to their signature sound.

2. ... Ready For It? - TAYLOR SWIFT

After the release of the first single off her latest record, Look What You Made Me Do, I am very happy to announce that this song is actually good. I particularly enjoy listening to this song through headphones, as the electronic beat serves its purpose best that way.

1. Ruin The Friendship - DEMI LOVATO

I have had this song on repeat ever since it was released. I love it. I absolutely adore the music, the (relatable) lyrics and the husky, sensual vocals. I'm hoping it will be her next single but, who knows?

That's it for September. Make sure to follow me on Spotify and don't forget to check out the rest of the playlist below! Until next month.

Maria x

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