Sunday, 2 July 2017

MUCH like May, this month's playlist also features only 10 songs. 90% of the songs that feature in this month's playlist are from newer artists, except for Two Door Cinema Club, whose Sun, I found being played a lot in June. Unfortunately, it did not make the Top 5. Here are the ones that did:

5. Let Me Love You - COASTS

The electro indie-rock band produce an instrumental-heavy chorus for their hook and mellow verses. One thing I like about the song is the backing vocals in the chorus as well as their more electronic pop approach compared to their other releases.

4. 13 - LANY

I seem to feature LANY quite often in my blog posts. Over the past few months, they have become one of my favourite bands. Their heavily produced electronic pop sound appeals to me at all times. 13 is a slower song, suitable to add to a chill playlist. 

3. Wallflower - MATT WILLS

Will's debut album should be coming out within the next few months. He's already managed to bag himself a strong fan base, and they have all been enjoying Wallflower, which will also be the name of the upcoming album. Matt Wills incorporates guitar-led songs with electronic beats, leaving his husky voice to do the rest of the magic. 

2. Oh Brother - SAINT RAYMOND

This is definitely one of my favourite songs of 2017 so far. The song builds up nicely with acoustic guitar and piano, until it reaches the chorus where 

1.  The Kids Don't Wanna Go Home - DECLAN MCKENNA

This has a modern indie classic feel to it, but what stands out the most is the motif behind it. McKenna sings about today's young generation and how the current political climate makes them feel. The last few verses also feature a chorus of children singing backup, which given the title, is extremely appropriate.

That's it from me. Check out the rest of the playlist below, and don't forget to follow me to see what I'm listening to!

Maria x

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