Saturday, 18 February 2017

LAST night I had the opportunity to attend Gabrielle Aplin's gig at The Jazz Cafe. I basically hit two birds with one stone - finally watching an artist I've looked up to for years, and experiencing music at this historic venue. However, despite having attended quite a few gigs, the emotions I experienced last evening were foreign. Gabrielle Aplin's gig helped me reassess my situation and was inspiring on a new level - this post is going to quickly explain how.

Attending gigs always fills me with adrenaline; an excitement that I can never experience anywhere
else. They can spark up all kinds of emotions. Most of the time, with me being a very emotional person, I tend to fight back tears during my favourite songs. This is nothing too surprising. It's something everyone experiences during a live music event. Although watching Gabrielle Aplin at The Jazz Cafe ignited not just the emotions driven by adrenaline and beautiful music, but it sent me back in time; far enough to realise where I am in the world NOW.

Weird, right?

gabrielle aplinThe thing is: Gabrielle Aplin is one of my top favourite artists. She's a singer/songwriter I have looked up to for years. Back in Malta, I covered a number of her songs as part of my repertoire. I remember enjoying singing her music, citing her as one of my influences.

Therefore, hearing the songs I've covered live, sung by the woman herself was a little bit too much for me. In a good way, of course. As soon as Panic Cord started playing, tears started to roll down my face. Not because I relate to the song so much, but because my mind flashed back to when I was practising this song in the living room of my former vocal coach. Then I thought of when I performed it in public, and how a few short years later I'm living in London pursuing a career in the music industry.

That's what made it all emotional (aside from the fact that it is a beautiful song, of course). This also went on for a couple more songs. This gig put EVERYTHING into perspective for me. I realised how far I've come. When I was practising Aplin's songs back home, living in London was only a mere dream in my head, seeming almost unattainable. Yet, here I am. Living in London, graduated in a Vocal Diploma, studying Music Journalism, living away from my family, paying bills, doing the laundry, working, networking, and trying to experience as much as I possibly can.

At Gabrielle Aplin's gig, I realised I need to give myself a lot more credit. And a good pat on the back, too. I've worked so hard to make this happen, and sometimes I need someone to remind me how 'brave' of a step it was. If I forget that detail, I don't appreciate everything as it should be appreciated.I also realised that I need to have these reflective moments more often. I'm inspired. Thankfully, I'm going through a very productive and proactive time in my life. A lot of things are happening and I'm as busy as ever.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Maria x

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