Saturday, 11 February 2017

GOOD news - Monthly Music Blog is back and this time for good! After some time off,  I managed to plan out a lot for this blog, and one is the return of this tiny series which I love. Despite the fact that I'll be publishing a new blog just about music, I thought I'd leave this for Fearless Heaven just because it's more personal.

Anyway, let's cut to the chase. I've put together a playlist on Spotify with 25 songs I enjoyed listening to in January. This post will feature (in no particular order) five of those songs in a bit more detail. It was so tough to choose only five but take a look below.

5. EASIER - Amy Milner

This song popped up on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist and it instantly got hold of my attention. There is no intro to the song, and Milner's voice captures anyone's attention just the same, with its unique timbre. Although her tone actually reminds me of Florence Welch's voice: strong, clear and cuts through. There are some nice transitions to falsetto too. The song is powerful. It builds up nicely with a heavy beat throughout featuring theatrical drums, until it ends with a piano and Milner's fantastic voice at the end.  I recommend checking Amy Milner's other tracks too. Her songwriting is definitely some of the best in the contemporary world!


Intertwined is the name of dodie's first ever EP. This is a single off the EP and safe to say, also my favourite track. It's simple and dodie's soft vocals are the perfect combination. Lyrically it's sad, yet beautifully written. Dodie is a gifted songwriter, as I find all of her songs are worded in a gorgeous manner - poetic, really. She has explained how this is not specifically about a romantic relationship. In fact, she wrote this about a friend who helped her escape a relationship and how she doesn't want to lose a best friend. Check the music video below.

3. CASTLE ON THE HILL - Ed Sheeran

January 2017 was momentous as Ed Sheeran made a comeback with not one, but TWO new singles: Shape of You and Castle on the Hill. The latter is my favourite of the two. A more radio-friendly track and a typical song one would expect from the Suffolk-born musician. It's got slight country vibes and storytelling lyrics, and as honest as Sheeran has ever been, singing about how he got his "first kiss on a Friday night". The bridge is emotional and incredibly intense. The song is an honest homage to his childhood and the people he grew up with and how they "watched the sunset over the castle on the hill".  Needless to say, the music video is exactly as one would imagine it to be! I'm excited to watch him at O2 this October, as much as I am for his third album Divide.


Anyone who knows me would know that I am a huge fan of John Mayer. I have been for years now so I was extremely excited when he released the first four songs off his album The Search For Everything. This song, in particular, is my favourite of the four. It sounds like old school John Mayer, which is thrilling to hear after his last album was more experimental. Thankfully, I found tickets for his headline show in London and I look forward to hearing possibly some new tracks from the rest of the album. Mayer has said that he will be releasing the album throughout the year - a novel method. Personally, I like it as fans don't have to wait a long while for a whole album, and the artist has the priviledge to work on the rest of the album according to each Wave's reception!


The trio's new album dropped in January and it's brilliant. It's more experimental to the previous two albums, yet still true to their sound. The band My favourite track is Dangerous. The horns in the beginning and in the chorus are catchy and form part of the refrain. It's different to their usual sound and I love it. The melody is possibly some of their most advanced. Much like a lot of their songs, this too has lots of space which is taken over by the horns. The whole album is worth listening to - check it out here.

And those are my top five out of the 25 that feature on the playlist. Some other songs worth checking out which didn't make this list are To The Hilt (Banks), Every Single Little Piece of Me (Emeli Sande), Human (Rag'n'Bone Man), and Fuel To The Fire (Rationale).

Until the next post,
Maria x

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