Saturday, 12 November 2016

ALMOST everyone I know from back home is graduating at some point this year. They have either finished a three-year degree course and gone out into the working world or they're doing their Masters. Had I not dropped out of University and moved to London, I'd be on my fourth and final year of my degree, and graduating with a BA this year. Instead I have just started a degree. A few people have been wondering how I'm finding it: seeing everyone else settle into adult life whilst I've only just started a new student experience at 21. So I've decided to make use of my blog to write exactly how I feel.

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To give you a brief background, I started a BCOMMS (HONS) with English degree at my University back in Malta. After completing first year, I took a gap year and then moved to London after I dropped out a year later. (Read more about that here). In June 2016 I graduated from BIMM London after finishing my Diploma in Popular Music Performance. This year I embarked on a new journey: a BA (HONS) in Music Journalism.

Technically speaking, 2017 should be the year I graduate with Honours. Instead I'll be celebrating surviving my first year at University in London. At least, I hope I'll be celebrating! In the past couple of weeks, close to everyone I know in Malta has been posting on Facebook how they'll be wearing their toga this month. I can't tell you how happy and proud I am of them. They are the same people I sat next to at my lectures and together we experienced University life for the first time ever.

I don't understand why there's a time stamp on it anyway. So I didn't do the orthodox thing and graduated at 21. But is that even the norm anymore? Perhaps it is where I come from. The way I see it, I'm happier now doing this degree than I ever was doing my other degree. I don't feel jealous of my friends, at all. Yes, I do yearn for the time where I won't have any studying to do but just work. Everyone wants that eventually; it's what we all work towards. However, I can't tell you how good it feels to be studying something I not only feel passionate about, but actually feels right. Everything that I've done since taking that gap year has brought me to studying my dream degree. What more do I want other than combining my two passions and pursue them?

My time to wear that toga will arrive. I also know that even though it might be in three whole years, time goes by so fast I'll be writing my graduation post in no time. I didn't change my route because I was too young to decide what I wanted to do, either. Nor do I regret that first year at Uni back home. I loved it and I met some fantastic people who have successfully graduated now.

It makes absolutely no difference to me whether I graduate at 21 or at 24 years old. Actually, it shouldn't make a difference to anyone. There is no turnaround on education. Anyone at any age could start a new course or learn something different. It's a beautiful thing, really.

Most importantly, I'm happy. I spend my days researching bands, listening to music, going to gigs and writing about it - and none of that is procrastination!

Congratulations to everyone who's graduating, and to the rest of us, hang in there, it will be our time in the blink of an eye!

Maria x

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