Thursday, 18 August 2016

THEY say hard work pays off and rightly so! Month 11 is upon us and I cannot believe this is the last post before my one year anniversary here in London. Apart from the occasional unplanned outing or meetup, life's been full of work and Supernatural (the TV series - no ghosts encounters as yet). I also received my school results and I can proudly say that I passed with flying colours! I'd like to structure this post as a final 'diary' as this series was originally. 

After recovering from my visit to the WB studios in London (post coming soon), it was time to await to dreaded results. I was stressed as I needed a high grade to get into my degree next year (again, post coming soon). You can imagine how I was absolutely over the moon when I was unconditionally accepted into my Journalism course at the same college. It's time for a new chapter to start and I am so excited!

I got to experience London at its most sunny and I loved it. I went to the park opposite my flat whenever I could, and I also visited my friends in Watford to watch them during their Summer Show. I went to another ball (planned this time) and wear a pretty dress.

Most of my summer so far has basically been working and binge watching Netflix. Also the occasional visit to Watford.

One of my bestfriends came to visit me for a day and it was absolutely brilliant. We watched Jersey Boys (one of my favourite musicals ever) and met the cast. In the evening, even though we planned to hit Soho we ended up staying at home and spent the night gossiping and catching up on lost time over a few drinks. 

During my 11th month I also flew to Malta to visit home for two weeks. I'm rather impressed how I managed to fit 2 weeks worth of clothes (I overpack - big time) in a medium sized luggage. Malta was nice and sunny and I came back with a wonderful tan which I'm very proud of. Seeing my family and friends for a longer period than a weekend was weird yet fun. I'm glad I got to spend some proper time in my home country this time, yet it was a tad harder for my family to watch me fly back, as I will not be seeing any of them for a longer period this time around.

Quite honestly that has been my eleventh month in London. Not as exciting as other months, but then again I visited Malta and I got accepted fully into a new degree! Life's getting exciting and I cannot wait. 

Until next month! 

Maria x

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