Wednesday, 23 December 2015

HERE I am, checkin for the fourth time. I keep saying that it's flying by, but it couldn't be farther from the truth. Month three has been the most eventful yet. From my mum's visit to performing with band, and unexpected shows. It's been exciting. So here's how it all went down.

Yes, that is a fine November day in London!

First point I'd like to share about the third month is that my new baby cousin Ana was born! We are now three girls from my dad's side. I was so excited (and emotional) when I got the news of her birth. It's moments like this where I wish I was with my family. I absolutely love living here in London, however, missing out on these special occasions is hard. When her older sister was born I was at the hospital awaiting her arrival, now I will meet the new bundle of joy when she is two months old! Until then, I have to satisfy with cute pictures of her and her older sister.

This past month saw a visit from my Mother. She came over for a few days and stayed in my flat. It was quite nice. I didn't actually realise how much I've missed her until I saw her for the first time in months! She prepared me some food to last me a while, which was wonderful. I have missed her cooking most of all! Given that I couldn't take time off work, she spent hours alone wandering around getting to know my new city. I think having her over experiencing first hand my neighbourhood and seeing me in my new home reassured her that I'm happy and safe.

On the Sunday Mother was here, there was an exciting, unexpected turn of events. We decided to go to Oxford Street. Whilst we were on the train I noticed two girls with cat whiskers painted on their faces. I noted to my mum that they were off to watch YouTubers Dan and Phil; an event I didn't buy
tickets for as no one else I know watches them. Out of curiosity we walked to the Palladium in hopes of catching a glimpse of the duo. When we got there a girl and her mother approached me asking if I want to buy the extra ticket they had. My mum suggested I go in alone and her to quietly browse the shops. That is in fact what ended up happening. I couldn't believe what was happening. Dan and Phil are two of my favourite YouTubers and have been subscribed to them for 5 years! It was absolutely surreal. My mum noticed how much I was grinning in disbelief as we pranced around Primark after the matinee. As they say, unexpected events are always the best!

On the other side of the spectrum, it was rather sad accompanying Mum to the airport and seeing her off. However, it was much easier than the first goodbye, and there were far less tears! I guess it's something we will all grow more accustomed to in time. I've also met up with a friend this month, whom I haven't seen in ages! We walked around sightseeing Westminster area on one of the coldest days. I'm not exaggerating when I say my friends were freezing, aching, and I was unable to zip my bag. Lesson learnt: ALWAYS carry a set of gloves with you. This is London!

Furthermore, this month saw me attempting three of my exams. One of them was an audio recording about a band I liked. The second was me performing a song with my own band, whilst the other was commentating upon the previous one. This was a great experience as not only did I network my way to finding band members, but also the opportunity to perform with one. We chose Paloma Faith's Picking Up The Pieces, a favourite of mine. Working our way through rehearsals was fun and hard work - but it paid off! This is another reason I'm loving my school and course so much... experiencing things which are usually out of my comfort zone!

However, getting a band together was not the only first time experiences I encountered this month. I also survived my first every Black Friday! That's right. Back in Malta this does not exist, so since I'm working at a retail shop I worked a few hours on Black Friday. Needless to say it was crazy! And I bough a nice coat for a good bargain! Another novel experience was using online customer service. Unlike back home, here customer service is offered in form of an online chat. It's convenient and efficient. I've also learnt that Twitter could be a great tool to complain and eventually get listened and offered amazing customer service!

Probably this month's worst experience was wasting two hours of my life waiting to buy tickets for Adele's London shows. I got up early for nothing as I didn't manage to make my way past the endless queue. Disappointment in seeing touts selling tickets at £300 five minutes after pre-sales is an understatement! I'll spare you the rant about this as I'm saving it for another post. Well done to anyone who's managed to get tickets. I gave up on trying again and chose to do something productive instead!

I believe that's it for this month. Quite a good month I'd say. There were some new experiences and interesting encounters... as well as unexpected ones! I truly am loving each and every moment living here. It isn't easy - I've had tough days - but the pros are much stronger than the cons!
Thank you for reading, until next month!

Maria x

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  1. Hi Maria, I read your London blog with interest after it came up on my Twitter feed. Funnily enough, I recently quit London to move to Malta. Having been born and raised in England with Maltese roots, I decided to give it a go in Malta. So far, so good and after 33 years, I really needed to move to a warmer climate!

    London is awesome, a world away from Malta. I am glad you are enjoying it and you are brave for making the move. Sadly I found it way too expensive and as a result the novelty wore thin for me quite early on. However I do miss the variety of things to see and do, not to mention all the amazing restaurants!

    Enjoy living in London and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    1. Thank you for your interest... for me So far, so good! I'm enjoying studying about what I love and experiencing something totally different! I really appreciate your comment! Feel free to subscribe by filling in your email so you'll be notified when I publish something new! Thanks again!