Thursday, 26 November 2015

IT's hard to believe I'm writing a London post about all that's happened this past month as I celebrate 2 months in the country. Time seems to fly by yet I can't help but feel as though I've been here for a longer period of time. I may have mentioned that in my previous London post but I'm afraid it's bewildered me slightly. Anyway, month two involves first few weeks of school, making new friends (and being awkward at it), musicals and a newfound confidence boost.

School has started and we are currently in Week 7 of the scholastic year. That's more than halfway through Semester 1! It's been an absolutely wonderful experience as I have never been to music school before. The closest thing I've attended was the Ultimate Artists Masterclasses in 2014 and last August. They've definitely helped. It's amazing how these past few weeks gave me a massive confidence boost. I'm lucky to be in possibly the most supportive and talented class! Everyone gets along smoothly and we all give each other motivation. It feels okay to make mistakes. There's a great vibe in the room and teachers have praised us for it! Before I would not have even dared to stand up and perform in class, and the idea of making at least one mistake would have scarred me. Now I'm actually volunteering myself to go up and perform, and I don't mind any dodgy notes or forgetting lyrics! I'm here to learn and this is my time and space to make mistakes. Moreover, I almost feel like I've improved just by doing that. It seems like most of my anxiety was about my anxiety. Does that make any sense?

This is a cute decoration
in one of the vocal classrooms...
I want one in my room!
Needless to say attending a new school entails making new friends. As a socially awkward person (yes, I am one!) I can vouch for others when I say how hard it is starting at a brand new environment can be. The fact that I attend a music school which teaches courses in vocals, guitar, bass, drums, music business, songwriting and music production, it is of utmost importance to network and get to know as may people as possible. These are the people you need to be productive and create projects, the people who will be giving you jobs and collaborating with you for band practice or writing
sessions. Having said that, the school itself organises events where we are practically forced to talk to other people - such a one that was called "Get Networking". Literally. Was it awkward? Yes. Did the location of the event being a pub help? Greatly. Did I remember everyone's name? No. Did I re-introduce myself to the same people at times? Probably. The funniest thing was probably going to add someone on Facebook then finding out you're actually already friends. Talk about awkward!

Open mics and jam night happen on a weekly basis and I love going whenever I'm not at work. It's lovely to see fellow students perform and give each other support and also get the chance to perform. I'm honestly learning a great deal about vocal technique, as well as music theory and sight reading. We've got an array of subjects to provide us with the best insight about the music industry - and yes, we've got assignments, exams and essays!

However, it's not just been all about school or work. I've visited my friends over in Watford where we literally spent the day relaxing on the sofa, watching films and eating ice cream. Sometimes they come down to Central and we hit up the West End for a musical or two. The last one we watched was In The Heights - a brilliant musical with wonderful Latin-inspired music. If you're ever around and you're lucky enough to find it in season make sure you get yourself a ticket! My favourite aspect about it was the staging. It wasn't a normal setup, but rather reminded me of a gymnasium. The cast and set was in the middle of the room ground level and the audience was split onto two sides like bleachers. Absolutely brilliant. Needless to say it was an interesting evening. I tagged along with my friends and their college friends and teachers (it was technically a school trip) and we literally got lost and couldn't find the theatre. Thankfully we made it with ten minutes to spare!

The second month wasn't too over the top. Things have started to fall into place and have certainly settled down. I had to incorporate going to school and studying with work, which proved to be a little but of a challenge, but nevertheless rewarding. I only work three days a week and so I'm managing overall. My cooking has improved as well... kudos to me! To give you context, toast was as far as I could go before I moved. I'm proud. London has been doing wonders to me... I'm finding myself revising more often! It really makes a difference when you're studying something you actually enjoy.

That is all from me for month two of this whole experience. Hopefully next month will be a little but more entertaining.

Until next week!

Maria x

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