Friday, 6 November 2015

IT's been a month since my big move, however quite honestly it feels like I've been here for much longer. Maybe it's because I seem to have settled in rather well. I now work and go to school, two activities that when you add them with chores, cooking and general adult living, can prove quite the challenge. Alas, that is adult life. So here's what has been going on since my last post.

Just before a talk and gig!
Within a week of moving I found myself having to choose between two jobs I was accepted in. It was quite a surprise, I must admit. I didn't expect that I was going to find a job within a week of moving; it was probably one of the most worrying things. Life in London is rather expensive, and therefore I had to rely on an income somehow. My job is that of a Sales Assistant at one of the top retail stores, which is a similar role to the one I had back home; henceforth I settled into my new job easily.

In fact at times it feels as though I've been living in London and have had the job for months or even a year. After a week of moving everything felt natural. I tried to think of why and my only plausible explanation was that I settled into the area extremely quickly. Moreover, I my independent character helped in a massive way. Granted, I didn't do as many chores when I lived with my parents, and I had never attempted to cook before. However everything seems to have come almost second nature to me. I may or may not have also developed a hint of OCD. Perhaps the realisation that there's no one you can depend on and therefore have to do everything on your own does help with structuring everything you need to do.

One of my new favourite things to do: Reading at the park!
I live in a lovely area and luckily I have every possible need at my doorstep, so grocery shopping isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I developed a habit of popping by my local supermarket for last minute items before I head home from work since it's in the train station building. I tend to stock up on things on weekends so that I won't have to do any big shopping trips during the week when I'm busier. Anything that I need is found within 15 minute walk, and I absolutely enjoy walking to an errand. Well, I have to ride a bus or train to get to Primark but it's okay, I actually don't mind public transportation. I got used to it quickly. The best thing about where I live is that there is this lovely park just opposite my flat. Literally. I obviously take any opportunity when it's sunny and I'm home to head there with a book in hand and spend a few hours sat on the grass enjoying the sun on my face. It's become my favourite method of relaxation.

Unfortunately it hasn't been all positively amazing. After 2 weeks in the City I smashed my phone screen at the train station when it slipped out of my hands and smashed face down to the floor. I won't lie - I cried. I took it quite badly, which worried me slightly because I realised 1) I depend and love my phone too much that I had to get it fixed the next day, and b) it sort of burst the bubble and slapped me into reality making me realise that living in London is not some nice dream. Needless to say the fact that it wasn't fixable added insult to injury. In summary: the phone had a dent at the bottom that refrained from my screen being replaced, as well as the smash was so deep it ruined most of the system). Alas, I had to buy a new phone after visiting 2 different stores and being persistent on seeing a technician after walking all of Regent's Street for no reason. Time to move on.

Free goodies from Fresher's Week!
My first month included the most awaited Fresher's Week; an entire week of school activities - from talks to boat parties. It was really great to meet an immense amount of people and start to network with fellow musicians. This made me look forward to starting classes even more! One great moment would have to be getting to see Jo Whiley from BBC Radio 1 and 2. Another one I definitely remember is being one of 20 students running off the train and through Westminster underground station towards the Embankment to catch the boat before it undocks (we were all late)! We definitely grabbed hold of every person's attention with our running and screaming! Fun times indeed.

That's basically been a short overview of my first month in London. Full of new adventures, train rides, laughs, new people and a new job. Pretty good in my opinion. One thing I've learnt so far is that I'm loving being independent; and I'm loving London more each day! Sometimes I catch myself smiling when I'm walking the streets of this wonderful, bright and crazy city! I can't help it... I'm happy!

Until next week!

Maria x

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Left to Right: A nice table set at my friend's house in Watford; Sunlight and my friends walking through Central; Quick photo before American Idiot show!

Left to Right: Cute photo of some good food; A snapshot from the Bandeoke during Fresher's; Overground.

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