Monday, 14 September 2015

IF you've been following me on social media you might have realised that recently I relocated to London. That's right. I made the crazy decision of moving from a small island to a big city on my own! I didn't just wake up one day and say, "I'm moving to London". It took years of dreaming and thinking until I actually ended up sat in my flat in London writing this post. This is the first of a new series on this blog where I'll be documenting my experience. I plan to take you along this journey with me, willing to share both the highs and the lows. So buckle up, its bound to be an interesting ride!

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This shall be a small personal introduction to give you a basic idea of where I'm coming from. I've always wanted to move out of my home country to pursue a career in an industry I enjoy. Coming from a small island there's not much of a secure future for me anyway; therefore I decided to go ahead and move to London to study music after I graduate from the University of Malta. However, after my A Levels I started to weigh the pros and cons of actually going to University. I thought of taking a gap year instead to work and save up, yet my parents suggested that if I go ahead with it I might never go back to studying. Looking back... it's not true at all! Not when you're thriving for something. As soon as I got my a level results it was second nature to apply to University. I felt that I shouldn't let anyone down and I might as well be educationally productive until I get to go. Unfortunately, despite making a few friends, University for me wasn't a great experience. My days were rather sad and I would overload myself with work hours. If I wasn't at work you'd usually find me on Google looking at schools, where I could live, financial requirements, work opportunities, flats, etc.

Later on I emailed my Faculty asking permission for a gap year. Thankfully they complied and from then on began my journey. I started working full time, visited schools in London, auditioned, sat for vocal exams, gigged, flew to London for various short courses and most of all I grew up. There's no way I would have done all that and kept my grades up.

It's amazing how often I'm being asked why I've decided to do all this. After explaining the whole saga of how I'm off for a one year Vocal Diploma, I've come up with a more condense concrete answer: to be happy. I haven't been unhappy back home, of course, however not being able to chase my dreams and reach my goals hasn't been anything close to healthy. Quite honestly numerous people have called attention to me that I've been happier since I stopped Uni and started working full time, only because it was contributing towards what I wanted to do. I concluded that I wouldn't be financially amazing after I graduate anyway, and Uni will ALWAYS be there if I ever decide to go back!

At the end I got accepted into both music schools and after choosing my favourite I started house hunting. Luckily a Maltese friend of mine got accepted into the same schools, so we agreed to move in together. Flat hunting is possibly the most stressful activity ever, so you can imagine the relief when I signed the tenancy agreement.

Basically, the moral of this post: I've moved to London to chase my dream and be happy. I will be studying music for a while and I can't wait to start classes and meet fellow students. I'm excited for this new chapter in my life, and I currently have no idea how many pages it will consist of. London seems like it will be my home for the foreseeable future. I'm looking forward to having you all aboard this ride with me. I know I'm taking a risk as I don't know which way this road will be leading me towards, but I guess we could find out together.

I hope this series can be relatable to some and inspiring to others. I've always wished a point of reference but never found one. Therefore I hope to be that reference to someone who wants to make the big move, or anyone who might be in the same boat. I'm from a small country and suddenly I'm thrown into this big metropolitan city. I can't lie... I'm a tiny bit scared of this new beginning, but most of all I'm excited!

Maria x

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