Friday, 17 April 2015

IT'S time for another post for my 'Monthly Music Blogpost' series, where I share and review ten songs that I've enjoyed during the past month. As per usual you can find the mentioned songs in my Spotify 'March Favourites' playlist. I think that this group of songs is my favourite so far. There seems to be a variety of genres and they're all pretty darn good! As always, the list of songs is in no particular order other than me choosing them so as to vary the genres.

10. DIAMONDS - Josef Salvat

Dare I say that this is better than the original! I absolutely love Josef Salvat's take on the famous song originally sung by Rihanna. Firstly, I enjoy the sound and change of genre, as this is more stripped back and has more of an acoustic sound to it. This gives the song a new feel and a chance for listeners to understand the lyrics further. The best part of this song in my opinion is the chorus, and specifically the music during that refrain. It starts off with just soft piano and then it gradually hits a sense of a climax within the chorus. This is definitely one of those cases where I end up liking a cover  over the original! Not guilty!

9. DOG DAYS ARE OVER - Florence + The Machine

Despite this song being released years ago, it found itself only recently on constant replay on my iTunes player. I had to sing this song during an audition so obviously it was overplayed. Florence Welsh is an absolutely talented singer whose voice is like an elastic band - it doesn't just have a vast range but it's got great control and she definitely knows how to use it. This song showcases her voice wonderfully. It goes from soft chest to stronger chest and then to falsetto in just a space of a few lines. Moreover, the music fluctuates throughout the song. There isn't a specific structure to this song; in fact it's quite unconventional, which makes it all the more intriguing. Honestly, I don't think anyone can ever get enough of this song.

8. HONEST - Kodaline

This song is the first single from the Irish band's latest album, Coming Up For Air. Personally I think that this is a perfect first single in introduction to this album. It starts off with a slow beat and I absolutely love the sound of the acoustic guitar in the pre-chorus, which then reduces to piano chords just before it goes full out for the chorus. The few bars of acoustic instruments echoes the sound fans are used to hearing from Kodaline. Needless to say I'm a big fan of the lyrics. It has all the ingredients of a good song and I think this style is sounding great for this band. I love it when bands experiment... it's only their second album and it sounds class!


Over the years I've discovered that an interesting love for strings in modern music. Therefore the first thing that gripped me about this song is the strong string section within the verses. I thoroughly enjoy the mix of acoustic and electro strings in the second pre-chorus, the hints of acoustic piano and the old school beat in the chorus. The sense of experimentation fits in quite well with the motif of the song itself. Needless to say Jessie J's voice is spot on once again. Nothing more to say other than it just is another good pop song!

6. RUN RUN RUN - Kelly Clarkson ft. John Legend

The title of this song is probably my least favourite part of this song. Nevertheless, it's a beautiful duet between two brilliant vocalists. An interesting fact about this song is that it was recorded and released by German band Tokio Hotel as a promotional single for their newest album Kings of Suburbia. Clarkson said that she was sent the demo sung by one of the track's writers in 2013 yet she held it aside to record later. Until the eventual Clarkson and Legend release, Tokio Hotel came out with their own version even through it created an uncharted territory for them. The duet was released later for Kelly's latest album Piece by Piece. The song is a soft rock piano ballad. There is a wonderful piece of instrumental towards the middle eight, with eventually some vocals to fill the space. There is more beat and layers as the song reaches its end. Beautiful song!

5. LIKE I CAN - Sam Smith

I absolutely love this soul and blues style for Sam Smith. The acoustic guitar is present practically throughout the whole song. As per usual Smith never fails to amaze us with his wonderful voice and incredible range, as well as the marvellous use of his mix register. The song is fast paced and you find yourself singing along in no time. I personally feel that Sam Smith is extremely versatile and has definitely found his style. His debut album is nothing less than a work of art, and this song is a genre I'd love to come across again on his future albums!


James Bay is officially one of my favourite artists. He's managed to work his way onto my list of favourite musicians. It looks like I have a soft spot for British male singer-songwriters. To be fair I feel that recently there's been a massive wave coming into the industry with absolutely brilliant male singer songwriters (such as Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith). The main guitar sound is the song's melody itself, which is what Bay said he based the songwriting process of this track upon - the melody. The song is about taking time out from your busy life to think about the people around you and spend time with them. It's got a great indie rock sound to it making it extremely easy to remember. This song is a definite staple for the upcoming musician!

3. LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO - Ellie Goulding

This song was originally meant to appear on the January Favourites list but for some reason it took an extremely long time until it was available on Spotify. Since then it's been made available therefore here it is! Quite honestly the first time I ever heard this song on the radio I spent half of its duration wondering if the singer is Goulding or not. For some reason certain parts of the song such as the verses and other parts, in which her voice is in lower range sounds different that what we're mostly used to. Nevertheless, I absolutely love this song and it's on my Top 3 Ellie Goulding Songs (alongside two of her older works). This is the sort of style I love listening to from her. What I enjoy most about this song is the heavy drumbeat giving it an 80s feel, contrasting to her sweet and soft voice. It creates a perfect atmosphere.

2. HOME - Dotan

I have never heard of the Dutch singer before I came across this very song on Spotify. It caught my attention and eventually found itself on repeat. The constant military like beat and feel is what I find great about it. The beat runs throughout the song and is based upon it. The multiple layers of vocals for the main chorus are wonderful and the middle eight creates a lead up to the climactic final hook, aided by the vocals being faded into the final chorus. Moreover, this helps to give a better picture of these echoes mentioned in the lyrics. Personally I think it's a masterpiece of a song! I never get tired of listening to it!

1. SCARS - James Bay

Surprise, surprise, James Bay makes another appearance on this list! This is definitely my current favourite by the British musician. Aside from the genre and the music, I genuinely love the vocals on this track. This is an easy listening indie track highlighting his vocal and songwriting abilities. James Bay tends to write in metaphors and I absolutely applaud that. It starts off with some guitar and eventually a beat, as more instruments are added as well as a great instrumental space before the final chorus. Furthermore, there is a hint of military-like drumming. This musician is one to watch!

That marks the end of these ten tracks. I hope that you've enjoyed listening to these songs as much as I have, and that you'll be adding them to your own playlists. Tell me in the comments section below what songs you've been listening to... I'm always looking for new music!

Maria x

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