Friday, 26 December 2014

IT'S 6am and I've woken up already. It's my second day away from home on my own for the very first time. I've got a long and exciting day ahead with Experience Day at the Academy of Contemporary Music starting at 9:15am. Also, I've got plans to tour the area a bit further. Here we go...

To be honest it's been one of those restless nights where I've woken up numerous times during the night. I honestly have no idea whether that is because of the fact that I'm alone and have no mother to wake me up therefore leaving me to completely rely on my alarm; or the fact that someone in my corridor spent hours banging on some door leaving another neighbour having to come out every few hours to scream at said person. Initially I thought they were fixing a door, but then it was evident it was someone constantly knocking very loudly. Other than that, it was alright and I make my way for breakfast. The school is just across the bridge, literally barely even 2 minutes away by walk.

I've happily met fellow aspiring musicians and students at the Experience Day, which is quite nice after being alone with no one to talk to for the majority of the time since I left Malta. The Day ended at around 12 so I leave to explore the town centre. The amount of shops that I had missed on my short visit in October is immense. From designer outlets and high street shops to open market stalls. It's quite nice. I obviously shop a little bit more, mostly make up and nail polishes really. I've managed to find Essie nail polish, a brand that is unavailable in my home country (at least to my knowledge), as well as some M·A·C make up products and some make up brushes. As I previously stated in another post, I am not a very big fan of make up. However, due to shows and such I do need to start  putting in a little bit of effort and learn. So in taking my first step I bought these Real Techniques brushes from Superdrug. Furthermore, in spirit of merchandise created by Beauty Vloggers, I got myself one of Tanya Burr's nail polish and lipgloss. I don't watch such vloggers really, but Tanya's channel is one of my favourites!

I then make my way to HMV (a.k.a. my most favourite shop ever), where I obviously had to purchase 2 more CDs making my purchases to 10 albums for this trip. I love collecting CDs, even if I've already gotten that same album saved on Spotify, or sometimes even if I've already purchased that same copy digitally via iTunes. What can I say? Some people are addicted to shopping for clothes, I love seeing my CD/Album collection grow. I only make such purchases whenever I'm in the UK, so obviously I go on a bit of a splurge whenever I'm here.

Further on, I go for some late lunch at M&S Cafe. They're not making the lasagne I've asked for at the moment, so I have opted for this delicious chicken pie. Satisfied, I continue to explore what Guildford town centre has to offer. After a lovely hot chocolate from Starbucks in the early hours of the evening, I soon find my way back in my hostel room where I start packing. Thankfully it doesn't take too long.

The drama of the evening has been ending up without any phone credit. The customer care person has been extremely helpful telling me I can top-up my account through WiFi. So I quickly change from my pjs into some clothes and go straight to reception for a WiFi ticket. I didn't even know I could enjoy 2 hours of free service. Obviously, making the most of it I walk to bed like a child on Christmas Eve. Last night in Guildford: success.

If you've read this far, I once again thank you. The third and final part will be up soon with my journey back home. Until then.

Maria x

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