Wednesday, 17 December 2014

SO today I embark on a new journey as I travel abroad solo for the first time ever. So this post will be documenting my road to fulfilling my dreams. I hope to move to London some time soon to study, and this is the first step of many. I'm going with an open mind and realistic expectations; what will be will be. But until the final step, this is the start of a long and seemingly a tad bit of a lonely road. I'm hoping my friends and family could use this series of posts as a way of knowing what I've been up to, and if you're none of the mentioned, then you're more than welcome to join me.

Despite having already been to Guildford once I will have to travel from an airport that is a stranger to me. Nevertheless, getting lost is the least of my fears. Although I have absolutely no sense of direction. My biggest worry is the flight. I get a high level of anxiety when flying especially during take off and landing, but currently 1 hour into the flight - so far so good. In fact,  I have this whole mantra of reading the safety guide before takeoff. A this point I can draw it with my eyes closed. I also never take the seatbelt off. So no, if I need the bathroom I'd need to wait till I get to the airport and have collected my luggage. It never hurts to be safe. This is my 4th flight this year and each time the in-flight meal seems to differ just a bit. I got baked beans and a piece of ham today, along with the usual potato pieces and this omelette-looking object I'm not completely sure of. An improvement I say. Luckily for me, I am sitting alone with 2 empty seats next to me, so I am enjoying every minute of this. To be honest, the plane is barely half full, and the only toddler onboard is extremely quiet. I could get used to this.

My choice of book this time is once again A Clash of Kings, the second in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I've been reading this book for months now since I barely have any time lately. I'm hoping that I will use this time of solo travel to get in more reading. I'm 115 pages in, so realistically speaking, I might finish at least half of it. I'm also finding myself writing upcoming posts - such as this one. With regards to music choices, I personally opt to listen to full length-albums when I'm traveling. This time I've once again gone for Ed Sheeran's brilliant album X, and The 1975's self-titled album.

Going over the Alps is one of my favourite parts of traveling to England. I've got multiple pictures of this lovely view stored from over 8 months of traveling. This is how they're looking today.

Mighty fine I say. Landing has been good. I don't know whether it's because this is my 4th flight this year or because the pilot has been amazing but my ears didn’t hurt one bit today. I like the sound of that.

This is my first time traveling to Gatwick, thankfully the signs are great help as I make my way to collect my luggage without a problem, and then to collect my train ticket. Staff has been helpful and I got myself to Platform 2 in no time. Shock, almost an hour early. The waiting room is nice and warm and best of all: FREE WiFi!

So on my way to Guildford via First Great Western train service I have acquainted with this ginger haired girl who travels to Reading on her way to an interview at Oxford University. That's right. She sat in front of me and after some awkward minutes we broke ice and didn't stop talking until it was my time to get off the train. She's the nicest of girls and I really hope she's aced that interview and gets in Oxford. We totally forgot to ask for each other's name. So if anyone reading this knows of a girl with ginger hair who has had an interview and the prestigious uni for studying Physics and loves maths, please send me her Twitter. I'd love to know how she got on. If it is of any help, she probably got on from Redhill.

After I wave my new unnamed acquaintance goodbye and get to Guildford, I quickly walk to the YMCA Hostel where I'd be staying for the next 2 nights. It doesn't get too interesting after that. I unpack, bought 8 CDs and a scarf, ate this weird burger from McDonald's, enjoyed free WiFi, got to my room, and in bed by 6pm.
It's a long post, but it was a long and tiring day. I traveled without any problem and I didn't get lost. So far, so good.

If you're reading this final paragraph, thank you for getting this far. I hope you've enjoyed part 1 of my 3 day getaway. 

Maria x

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