Tuesday, 23 December 2014

CHRISTMAS is probably the world's most celebrated holiday. Despite different views, there is one common denominator that dominates for the majority: unity and family. People make it a point to try and be home for Christmas with their whole family since sometimes that is the only opportunity they get to see each other. It's a beautiful thing, although unfortunately not everyone has the privilege to live within minutes of their families even if they live on either side of the country, as we have in Malta. Not everyone has the opportunity to be with their families for the holidays either, due to work commitments or such. It's a joyous time of year, but is it losing its significance?

Some people view holidays such as Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day as commercial. Obviously,  Christmas tops the list as the most commercial holiday. Gift giving dominates the demands as people stress over buying something for their loved ones. Post offices and delivery companies are probably never busier, and food stores all over the world stock in for people's Christmas lunch/dinner shopping; whilst restaurants, hotels and hairdressers take in bookings months prior. Animators dress up in their best Santa and elves costumes for children's happiness as young ones hope they get their top Christmas list demands. Houses are decorated with lights, Christmas trees and tinsel. Father Christmas appears in many houses bearing gifts, but most importantly, those devoted put out a manger and little baby Jesus. 

There are so many distractions during the Christmas period that it is sometimes hard to focus on what's important:  Christ's birth (if you believe, of course), and being together. For me personally, that is what Christmas is all about: a celebration of everyone being huddled around that same table enjoying a satisfying meal that will leave you without an appetite for a whole week. I'm as busy as a bee during this period, and it is anything but a "holiday". Apart from work, everyone seems to make it a point to meet up for dinner, or at someone's house, just because it's this time of year. Every weekend is filled with going over to a family member's house or to a restaurant for some quality and celebration time. It's lovely, really. I cherish these moments so much as you never know the next time you are all together with everyone in attendance. 

Gift giving for me is a bit of a hassle. I'm not the best at coming up with an idea to give as a present to someone and something that they would actually want and like. It's true that it's the thought that counts, but we all want them to be 100% satisfied with their present. However I love a Secret Santa. It's a novel and fun way to exchange gifts with your friends/colleagues/family.

Most of my friends who live abroad are currently flying back to Malta to be with their families for the holidays, but I cannot help but think of those who cannot make it. Whether it's because of work, financial problems, or even illness. I know how horrible it could be with someone in hospital for Christmas, so if you do have someone who will be spending Christmas in bed, make sure you visit them on this important day. I'd like to give a shout out to all those who work on Christmas to make others feel joyous instead of being with their own families. 

Christmas is a time where we should all reflect on how lucky we are to be where we are, wherever that may be. You're alive and I think that alone is a wonderful gift. Make sure you at least call your family up if you're away. This is what I want to focus on this year: being grateful.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas.

Maria x

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