Monday, 15 September 2014

SUMMER proved to be busy and I missed out on July favourites, so I decided to have a Summer Favourites instead where I will be sharing 13 tunes from my summer playlist that I have loved throughout July and August. Some of these songs haven't been particularly released this summer or even this past year, but I have definitely been listening to them a lot.

13.  Long Drive - JASON MRAZ

This easy listening song is a from his latest album, YES!, which is Mraz's first all acoustic album. This song as well as the rest of the album was co-written with girlband Raining Jane. The song picks up at the bridge giving it a bit of an interesting change. I really like this song, pretty good to listen to during a drive. No pun intended. The melody is simple making it easier to sing along to. Another good song by the multi talented songwriter!

12. Only Love Can Hurt Like This - PALOMA FAITH

I think I have been listening to this song a little bit too much over the summer. I have absolutely fallen in love with Faith's music. Her voice in the live versions (such as the one featured below) serves as proof of her great talent. The song, much like most of her songs, has a vintage feel; from the beat to the style. It has a rather simple melody, showcasing her lower range through most of the song, then her higher chest voice in the second parts of the chorus towards the second third of the song. As usual, Paloma Faith delivers strong dynamics, and a song with an arresting story. Despite the repeated chorus, it is kept interesting. In short: a very good song presenting her wonderful voice and range.

11. All About That Bass - MEGHAN TRAINOR 

I first came across this song through someone posting on Tumblr promising a good 3 minutes; and a good 3 minutes they were indeed. One of the first things that caught my attention was the authentic, old style beat and music, as well as costume in the video. Thematically different than most of the other songs in the current charts, it therefore stands out in more ways than one. Trainor wrote this song after watching a segment on Ellen that tackled photoshop. The singer-songwriter was then inspired to write about image and body issues. Unlike most songs about such subject, this Top Charter is upbeat and passes on  a message in a chirpy, non-ballad way. A certainly good song from a new artist, I just hope she won't be another one hit wonder.


Definitely one of the most played tunes this summer on my local radio. The X Factor alumni did not disappoint her fans with this good song. It has got an interesting story behind it and a matching addictive beat and music behind it. Henderson's beautiful voice that serenaded thousands of viewers last year sounds just as good in this song as it does in ballads. She has definitely proved her versatility through this song. Even though the chorus is repeated, the changing notes and climactic feel make it all the more interesting. Good news: it's got an interesting music video to go with it.

9. I See Fire - ED SHEERAN

It won't be a complete list unless I feature Ed Sheeran. Oh well, he's delivered immensely this summer. This song is also part of the soundtrack of the film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I would listen to the Deluxe Version of Sheeran's 'X' album, on my way to and from work, and I would await this song to start. I love the acapella start, followed by simple guitar, as it slowly picks up until it reaches its climax where there is a brilliant beat. His voice is flawless as usual. I just love it.


Keeping to the mellow side is Florida Georgia Line's latest single. Country music is known for its ability to tell a story, and this song definitely ticks that box. Simple guitar and a continuous beat accompany a simple melody. This duo is known for its crossover genre, mixing country with modern pop and succeeding. However, they go back to their roots with this one as they sing about the fragility of life. The lyric that stands out to me the most is: "You know you came from it, and someday you'll return to it." Some food for thought.

7.  Amnesia - 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER

This band has stormed through the charts since their first hit with "She Looks So Perfect" and touring with One Direction. This is the band's third single from their self-title debut album, and the first ballad they have released. The song has some interesting lyrics about a past relationship, showing a different side to the band. Despite the fact that it did not chart at number 1, it still got general positive reception. Good one, lads.


There is something about her voice that really is captivating. Marina has an extremely unique tone that alone is interesting and noteworthy. This song is one of my top favourites by her. The lyrics really stand out and I personally can relate to it; honest and arresting. An emotional pop ballad. I am sharing the acoustic version since there is no music video to this song. Such a beautiful rendition, dare I say better than the original.

5. Happy Little Pill - TROYE SIVAN

Words cannot describe how proud I am of Troye's first single. I have been following him on YouTube for a long time now, and his hard work is paying off. Kudos to Troye for this rather addicting track. It has gotten some good reception and immense support from all his viewers and subscribers. Got some interesting lyrics which may or may not have caused some controversy. Nevertheless, I look forward to more from the Australian singer.

4. Stay With Me - SAM SMITH

Smith is one of my favourite singers. His voice is just exceptional, and so his album. This song was oversung at the UA Camp I attended in August in London. We just jammed to it so often we all had it stuck in our head for the rest of day. It was awesome. It's a really good song, with few but meaningful lyrics, easy chords and melody you will find yourself singing along absentmindedly rather quickly.

3.  I'm Not The Only One - SAM SMITH

Another one by the talented Brit. This is Smith's latest single. It's a nice ballad with interesting lyrics. Smith makes sure to use his vast range is all of his songs, therefore this is no exception. This was the chosen original that was performed during his gig at BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, as he entertained the nation an it was just sublime. Not much to say really, the music says it all.


It seems like it would not be a complete blogpost without TWO songs from the multi talented Ed Sheeran. As I said previously, his new album is just amazing and brilliant; a hit. This is one of my favourite from this record. It's guitar-driven, with a hint of some strings in the background. His voice shines and uses a lot of his headvoice, which is great. Emotional and honest as ever. Typical Sheeran. One to put on repeat!


This song definitely is my most played song of the last couple of months. I had the opportunity to work on this song myself for some time and perform it at the Ultimate Artists camp in London in August. I love this song so, so much. It's perfect, and I honestly wish it was mine. Sometimes you come across a song you can relate to lyric by lyric, as if it had been written about your own personal experience. This is one of those songs for me. Most of the time, you can relate to a song but only not 100%. It's a simple song melodically, yet captivating and emotional. Just beautiful.

So those were 13 songs I have enjoyed this summer. Feel free to share or suggest some songs down in the comments or via Twitter. I will be back with a new favourites post where I will be sharing my top 10 tunes for September. Until then, happy listening!

Maria x

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