Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I'VE read once that no one in life achieves TRUE happiness because we are so focused on trying so hard to get to a place we think we'll be happy. Sometimes I believe that it's true what they say, that the smallest of things do bring the most joy and happiness. It's almost like we try so hard sometimes to feel that true feeling of content when in reality it turns out to be something that needed barely any enforcement.

I recently bought a digital keyboard piano and I cannot explain the joy it has brought. It's just an instrument but the fact that I can play from the comfort of my own room till the early hours of morning has made me so happy.

Clearly, I give too much thought to the most basic of things and I start realising things and here I am writing this post inspired by a piano. It's true, however, that sometimes we are so focused on trying so hard that we might not realise that what makes us happy has been staring us in the face for ages and we have missed the window. I gave this some thought so I came up with a list of 5 things that can help us identify what truly makes us happy.

Something or someone bothering you? Just get up and leave. Nicely. You don't need anyone or anything that might upset you.

It's one hell of a fast-paced life, I know, but it's so important to take note of all the little things that are happening around us and of everything that we are doing. Don't have too much on your plate or you will turn into a robot. Just have enough valuable time for the things that matter and have time to BREATHE.

I cannot stress this enough. It's SO important to have some quiet and peaceful time to yourself. Get to know yourself and what you enjoy. This will help you know what makes you the happiest and you will soon find your way on Happiness Train. Buy small gifts for yourself. You deserve it, and you will feel so happy about that it's ridiculous.

Give as much importance to the minor things in your life as much as you give to the major stuff. Everything counts and is important and this can also help keep you grounded. You could also find that successfully finishing a smaller task might have been easier, but could give you greater sense of content.

This is a short post because I've been a bit busier these past few weeks and also because in spirit of the theme of this post, less is more. I just wanted to share this realisation I've had.

Wishing everyone happiness!

Maria x

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