Wednesday, 25 June 2014

ANOTHER month has practically gone by and therefore it is time for another post about what music I have been loving this month. Last month seemed like a good run so this time I have a mix of brand new tunes and others that have been around for a couple of months. Sometimes it just takes a while until you get into the groove of a song and end up loving it. You just have to find the correct time I guess. Anyways, this is my Top 10 list of my current favourites! More could be found on my 'June Favourites' playlist on Spotify! I had my finals this month and these 10 have been there for me as well as some other stuff which have helped me through this stressful month.

10. First Light by RACING GLACIERS

This up and coming British band's debut hit single lands on my top 10 list at number 10 for the simple reason that it starts list off on a hight note. I absolutely love this song, and what really stands out to me is the music. It feels authentic and the sounds of the brass instruments give it an extra form of authenticity and sophistication. There is a sort of climax as the chorus starts up and some wonderful instrumental bars. It is a brilliant feel good song, and has been given loads of positive reviews. The band performed at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend last month on the BBC Introducing Stage and judging by their music, looks like this band is here to stay. Keep an eye out! PS. Headphones + this song = brilliancy.

9. Berlin by RY X

Okay so this song has been out well over a year now but I have just had the wonderful opportunity to come across it a few months ago. What I really like about this song aside to the calm and simple music, is his voice. The Australian Indie singer, Ry, has a distinctive tone, almost haunting. I also really like the lyrics. The song is just made of 11 lines of meaningful lyrics, making it barely 3 minutes long. Simplicity at its best.

8. Nirvana by SAM SMITH

Sam Smith has just been killing it over the past year, delivering one hit after another. His voice is just beautiful, especially his mix register and falsetto. This song however, remains my top favourite. The acoustic version sounds even better than the original to me. It has a rather pop beat which makes it very addictive, yet the soul still screams throughout. The backing vocals on the track continue to enhance it. Just a brilliant song, really. Sam Smith's voice alone is an experience.

7. Icarus by BASTILLE

There's something about this song that I absolutely love. I think that it's the beat and primarily the chorus. The top reason why it's made my list is I may have remembered about this wonderful song when I was studying for my Tudor Drama final and mentioned the references to Icarus and his fatal destiny in one of the plays. My mind instantly went to this song. Bastille is just a great band altogether. A snippet song also features on the band's Previously on Other People's Heartache sung by a beautiful choir. The drum beat in this song is very recurrent and fast paced. Bastille's signature backing vocals and sound is once again present in this song. It's a metaphor encapsulated in a good song.

6. Don't by ED SHEERAN

Sheeran's new single off his newly released album throws him back towards his usual style seen in his debut album. Just a bit more pop. Then again, he's always been a versatile artist, and this could be seen when listening to all of his albums and EPs. This song once again shows Sheeran his rapping abililites, and most importantly, his songwriting abilities. The lyrics are brutally honest. It's obvious what it is about, just not too clear as to which singer he his referring too. Hmmm... Anyways, brilliant song once again rom Ed Sheeran, now where's the replay button?

5. Polaroid Picture by FRANK TURNER

The singer-songwriter is back with a soft rock song. One thing I absolutely love about Turner is like Ed, his songwriting ability. This song has a deep and meaningful message about the importance of pictures and its ability of creating memories, and as the bridge states, to take a minute and avoid anything distracting us from our loved ones, and how everything changes. A feel good song, ending on an interesting guitar note. The verses are quieter, yet the chorus reaches a climax. Another good one.

4. New Country by RACING GLACIERS

The new band landed another song on my list. As I have said for the first song in this list, this band's music is just brilliant. Very indie and authentic. The introduction alone starts on showing on which track it will lead to. The piano chords in the chorus give it a distinctive sound. In live performances they use trumpets, an instrument used in First Light. The vocals are once again on point and despite the continuous beat, the music fluctuates. You could also hear some harmonies. More boxes ticked for me. I've said this before, I know, but this band is something to watch out for!

3. 19 You + Me by DAN + SHAY

Country is one of my favourite genres of music, and this month I really went back to my roots and found this wonderful country playlist and I discovered some new artists and songs. One of them is by this country duo. I love the pop country sound, very predictable song really. They got some beautiful harmonies and I love the tone of voice. The lyrics are as honest as a country song should be, telling a story so clearly you could picture it in your head. This is a very promising duo, their debut album is one I recommend. I have a feeling they could easily have some cross over hits. All the best!

2. Thinking Out Loud by ED SHEERAN

It seems like it wouldn't be a good list without 2 songs by Ed Sheeran. It should be though, as his new album dropped out this very week. Sheeran knows what it's like to be a fan, and has released a song daily on his official YouTube channel. This song is a beautiful ballad and the lyrics are sweet and honest, usual story for Ed. This is one of his songs where his voice really shines through, reminding everyone of his beautiful vocals. A very feel good song, could also reminisce a bit of old school John Mayer. Good combination in my eyes.


And this months's most listened to song for me has been this country-pop song with some good rapping. This duo's album is actually very good. They really give a new spectrum to country music. The chorus is extremely catchy and you find yourself singing along pretty quickly. The music in the penultimate chorus calms down a bit, as do the lyrics, making it more interesting, before it goes back to a climactic end. This song also features country singer Luke Bryan in the bridge. It also has some wonderful vocal harmonies. In short, this song is extremely catchy and you shouldn't be surprised if you find yourself listening to it over and over again.

So these have just been 10 songs I have been loving in June. I've tried to include some new genres in this one and also some new artists and bands. I hope you enjoy this music and the rest of my playlist. Post the music you've been loving lately below or on my twitter page. I'm looking to write some posts focusing on particular artists/bands/genres. Comment your ideas below! Happy listening!

Maria x

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