Friday, 9 May 2014

IT'S that time of year again when there is one common word amongst many homes in Europe: Eurovision. After two semi-finals completed, last minute preparations are underway ahead of tomorrow's grand finale.

Random Fun Fact: Australians absolutely LOVE Eurovision. So much so that they even organise little street parties and watch it all together. Bless... not even some Europeans are as passionate. In fact, probably the majority would vote for the Song Contest to come to a stop had their been a referendum about it.

Many people say that it is a 'waste of money', that the songs are never good or successful outside the Contest. Countries who have never taken the trophy home, such as my own home country, wonder why they keep investing so much money if they never even win. Valid point, but there might be an underlying reason; that of coming together as one continent, celebrating our talent. Then again, the show has changed so much over the years that it has become much more than just the song and singer: the show, and of course the whole neighbour-voting saga. For you non-Europeans, let's just say this show brings a whole lot more drama than it should. Don't worry, we're all used to it so we never make a big deal for more than 10 seconds.

Many Europeans live their life ranting on about Eurovision, however when the big 3 nights arrive, everyone is suddenly either a huge fan, or just watching it ready to give constructive criticism (or sometimes just plain criticism) on each and every performance giving Simon Cowell a run for his money. I'm not just putting this mildly. My Facebook goes crazy on Eurovision nights. Everyone is suddenly interested and a music jury. Aside to the usual year-long Eurovision lovers, the rest just rant for most of the performances except for those they liked. Maybe.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that Europeans watch Eurovision ironically. Yes, ironically. It's not because they actually like it, but because it has become a custom and they are just curious as to what will be going on. The fact that it's all everyone talks about the next morning might also be another reason.

Happy Eurovision everyone, let's enjoy the last 2 days of this insane madness!

Maria x

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