Saturday, 17 May 2014

SO I have decided to board on this new adventure and include a monthly blog about my current favourite music. I am a huge fan of music, and I am always looking for new artists to listen to, and new songs to add to my Spotify playlist and iTunes. So this is my list of 10 songs I am absolutely loving this month.

10. Cucurucu by NICK MULVEY

The song is by an English-born singer who moved to Havana, Cuba in his late teens to study music. This is his first single to chart in the official UK charts. It is an easy-listening song boarding on folk, and you can sense the Spanish-like guitar rhythms possibly inspired by his intense time learning music in Cuba. Definitely a must-listen, and can be enjoyed even more with your headphones on.

9. Holding Onto Heaven by FOXES

I think Foxes made the right decision when she chose moving to London to study at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance when she was 18, over studying beauty therapy. She has been giving us one hit after the other. From lending her vocals to Clarity, to Echo.Her voice is absolutely beautiful, massively unique tone. In my opinion, this is her best so far, both lyrically and musically. It is a catchy pop song with a great bridge. I love a good bridge.

8. Salute by LITTLE MIX

This is one of those songs that you like even more the more you listen to it. Little Mix has come a very long way since winning X Factor. The song is an anthem for women. Very up-beat, one you cannot help but dance along to. You can hear to a military tone, which is faithful to the title and theme of the song. It even has a siren in the beginning. Just a great, feel good song for all you women out there.

7. Sirens by CHER LLOYD

Another song from a former X Factor contestant, this time Cher Lloyd. I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of hers, but this power ballad is just brilliant. You can hear the emotion in her voice, which is what really sets it apart. Her vocals are at their top game in this one, setting the song aside from her previous song work. She has definitely shown her growth musically. Another song to definitely add to your playlists.

6. If I Could Change Your Mind by HAIM

Definitely one of the best current bands. Their old school 80s vibe is as ever felt in their latest single. This pop/rock song continues on their current style track record, showing how much they are on the right track of who they are. Another good song of theirs is The Wire. The group of sisters is one to keep an eye on!

5. Sing by ED SHEERAN

The music guru is back again with the first single of his new album, X. Despite the strong sound of the guitar, which is a staple for Sheeran, this one is the most pop-sound single he has released yet. I absolutely love the falsetto and the beat in this one. Very catchy and makes you sing along to the "oh-oh"s. The result to the plan to take him out of his comfort zone is definitely a chart topper.

4. You and I by ONE DIRECTION

I am absolutely loving their latest sound, a more acoustic and emotional style. It accentuates their vocals, which have drastically improved since their X Factor days. Clearly, ballads are what works the most for the British boyband. Looks like their new sound is a must-keep in my eyes.

3. All of the Stars by ED SHEERAN

Only Ed Sheeran can land 2 songs in my top 10 list. Yes, he is one of my favourite artsists, but he also released two singles recently. This particular pop ballad is the official single from the soundtrack of The Fault In Our Stars film (released in June). I am very glad they asked Sheeran to write the official song to this film. The story is a sensitive, emotional love story of 2 teenagers with cancer. Ed Sheeran's album is full of songs which are emotional and truthful, authentic, acoustic, and full of particular detail. This song is no exception. It is an absolutely lovely song, and it also might bring a tear or two to some!

2. Robbers by THE 1975

The band's sound sets them apart from the others and to many (me included) feel like they are underestimated. As their other songs, this one also has an electro-pop feel to it, and also includes themes of love and drugs. A catchy song, proving the band is one to follow.

1. Me and My Broken Heart by RIXTON

This band is currently my favourite. Rixton, a British band, has been taking the US by storm and is now finally starting to break into the UK and the rest of the world. They tick so many boxes for me: they play instruments, they HARMONISE, and they write wonderful music. I suggest you listen to the acoustic version of this song, they are exceptional live. Also whilst you're there, you might be tempted to listen to more of their songs. You will definitely not regret it. This is one talented bunch!

So that's it, my Top 10 songs of what I've been listening to this month. My list goes on a bit more than 10, but these are just 10 songs which have been released in the past months. I am hoping to write a post on some new releases from new artists in the coming days. Feel free to suggest some music to me by commenting or tweeting me, I am always open to new music! Happy listening!

Maria x

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