Sunday, 30 March 2014

THE "no make up selfie" campaign which has had a massive recognition worldwide in the last couple of weeks, has really made me realise a couple of things which I would like to share with you.

First of all, I would like to be clear that I do appreciate this novel idea of uploading a makeup-less selfie, especially for Breast Cancer awareness. It really has been a success and raised millions of pounds, even if at times not to the right charity. I decided to clarify this point because of the following post, which includes just my opinions, nothing more.

I do not find anything wrong with putting make up on, it is nowadays a norm. However, scrolling past all these makeup-less selfies on my Facebook has made me realise how most of these girls never dare to face the public without cosmetics. It is such a pity as we are all beautiful in our own way. To be perfectly honest, I have never really grasped the concept of having to go through the whole 10 minute saga of putting make up on before stepping out of the door. Thankfully, my insecurities have never been body-related, so I am very confident in going out with a bare, naked face. In fact, whilst many girls have forgotten how to go out without any cosmetics, I simply forget to put on. My struggle has been with getting myself to accept the fact that I personally would have nothing wrong with putting a bit of foundation on for a night out. I tend to leave the whole thing for stage and photoshoots (not that I have many) and anything related of the sort. However I have noticed that since I started my job as a Sales Assistant, it has gotten easier to put makeup on. I kind of have to, so I have gotten used to that 5 minutes of putting on foundation, blusher and eyeliner.

However, this post is not about me. I just felt like adding that to put into context my opinions. I am sure there are so many who share my opinions, and are comfortable in their own skin. Sadly this does not count for probably the majority of the population. It is concerning how many fall into the trap and end up violently depending on that black line of make up for confidence; that somehow society has made them feel too 'ugly'. I am not lying when I say the hurt I felt reading some of the comments on these '#nomakeupselfies', and the posts I read thanking make up brands for doing their job. I have also read some posts stating things like if these girls go missing, no one would find them since they are unrecognisable. See the problem there? Instead of encouraging we are hurting, abusing and bullying each other. This is why I decided to write this.

That is not the case for everyone however, given that many wear makeup just for themselves. I am not saying there is anything wrong, again, but I lately feel more concerned of how society has ruined many beautiful people. I refrain from just saying 'girls' but actually 'people' because boys suffer from this too. It might look like a slight matter, it is just makeup, you might think. However for some it is way more than that. I feel like we are poor in role models, campaigning for being real and not get sucked in the society/Hollywood 'perfect' expectancies.

I think I have made my point. I hope this has been a good, awakening read. Remember, our comments say a lot and can affect a person on the inside in ways you cannot even imagine. Just because someone is laughing with you, does not mean they will not hurt themselves later for it. We can all start by ecouraging people when they post such photos, so thank you to whoever came up with this Campaign, you have clearly brought to the table more that just Cancer Awareness, but also the problems of society with so-called imperfections.


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