Sunday, 23 March 2014

HELLO. So my name is Maria and I am an 18-year-old girl from a teeny tiny island called Malta. I am currently in my first year at University reading for a Bachelor of Communications with English degree. I am also a part-time Sales Assistant at Zara, a job which I love and enjoy.

I decided to start this blog a few months ago, I've always wanted one, and I finally got round to writing my first post. Let's just say that I am a pro procrastinator as well. I hope to write here regularly on things which would be on my mind and current issues, possible rants and other everyday things. I don't won't to categorise this blog because I want to see where this will grow into. I just want a free space where I can share my writing and thoughts.

I love watching a bunch of series and I am a total fangirl. I love love reading and trying to be sociable. Guess this is where I tell you how much I love music and singing and how I aspire to have that as my full time job one day. In the mean time this is my life, and I hope you enjoy this blog.

This is it for now, be on the lookout for more posts.

Thanks for reading,
Maria x

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